What is the Social ARTery?

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The Social ARTery

Social ARTery is a collaborative networking platform for artists. A safe space to communicate, connect and collaborate.

A project by Axis

At Axis we’ve been thinking about what Axis does, about how we are positioned within the arts, about how we all fit in. 

Our role within the Social ARTery is as caretakers. To support the development of an artist-led ecosystem, where we all take responsibility for caring for one another.

Axis is self-financing the development of the Social ARTery.

Collaboration to shape the future

The Social ARTery is a pilot. 

We are collaborating with artists across the UK and beyond. This means the format you are currently navigating does not represent the final form.

Our process is based on the belief in the agency of artists to affect and influence what comes next. So, we are inviting artists and artist-led groups to join us to help explore and shape the development of a trul artist-led digital space.

Social ARTery commissions

In partnership with the Social Art Network we will be running 20 artist micro-commissions (£500).

Each commissioned artist will test how the Social ARTery can support and facilitate their practice and activities.

The Social ARTery commissions are Lottery Funded supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

What happens in the Social ARTery?

The Social ARTery as a space will be open, encouraging diversity of influences and experiences to challenge and define, shape and develop. 

Our starting point was to put in place a set of digital tools to support the basics of communication and collaboration. 

For example you can set up your own private and secure spaces (groups), invite peers to join you, send messages, share files, organise conversations.

What you do with these tools and what tools come next is up to you.

Social ARTery is open and free.

As a pilot the Social ARTery is open to all artists and free to use.

Axis is an independent charity that sits outside public subsidy. We have to evolve our model of operation to remain sustainable and deliver for our key beneficiaries – artists. 

Our sustainability is linked with artists sustainability. Our development will be integral with developing alternative sustainable models that support artists. So any membership models we introduce will always be ethical, and enabling, with a focus on artists and giving them value from the work they do.

Ready to Join?

Register to join a journey to redefine digital spaces for artists.

Further support

If you require further information about the Social ARTery please email hello@axisweb.org. You can also contact us through our social media channels; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

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Inclusivity and Respect

Axis is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible space online for artists and the people they collaborate with.

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