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Activity is a ‘feed’ of everything that happens on the Social ARTery (general updates, group activity, forum posts, new friendships etc). It can be accessed via the menu on the left hand side and can be filtered to show activity by all members, your friends, your groups and when you’ve been mentioned in a post. You can also view a member’s individual activity by visiting their profile. Certain activity may be hidden depending on the privacy settings of the content or member.


A ‘Live Chat’ resembles a real time chat. You can access this by selecting the Live Chat tab on the left hand side of the navigation bar. Here you will see any Chats associated with a Group you are a member of and can start a chat with other Group members or respond to an existing chat. You can also send private chats to your friends. You can also access a Chat that’s associated with a Group you’re a part of by going to the Group page (if Live Chat has been enabled for the Group).

Code of conduct

Our Code of conduct states our mission, values and principles and links them with standards of professional conduct that we expect our members to adhere to whilst using the website.


Documents is an area of your profile where you can create written articles such as blog posts, reviews, statements etc. You can assign documents to Groups you may be part of and also change the settings for who can read and edit the document. Public documents will appear in the left hand menu under ‘Documents’.


A Forum is connected to a Group. It allows you to create a discussion for members of a group to communicate with each other in a structured, bulletin-board style fashion. Only Group administrators can create a Forum, either when they’re setting up a Group or afterwards.


A friend is another member of the Social ARTery that you’re connected to through your profile. You can send messages to your friends and view their activity on the main Activity Feed and their profile. To add a friend simply click on the icon in the bottom left corner of their profile picture. The plus sign will turn into a tick. This will then send a notification to the recipient. Your request will be pending until the recipient accepts. 


A Group is a space that allows artists and creative practitioners to connect and collaborate on ideas, projects, interests and much more. A group enables you to share your work, thoughts and documents with others. It is a great and easy way to collaborate with other people in a safe and secure space. 


Hidden means that some content on the site can only be accessed by certain individuals. For example, a hidden Group (and all activity within that Group) cannot be seen by anyone on the site other than members of that Group. To join a hidden group you must be invited by the Group creator.


You can message other Social ARTery members either privately or publicly (i.e. tag them in a post using their @username). To message another member privately click the envelope icon in the top right menu bar. You need to be friends with someone before you can send them a private message.


Private means that although certain content on the site can be viewed, you may not be able to contribute or comment on that content. For example, if a Group is private you will be able to see it on the site but you will have to either request to join the Group or be invited to join in order to post or comment on the Group’s activities.


Each member of the Social ARTery has their own profile. This is a space where you can share your activity, view your friends, groups, forums etc. Other people can view this information as well unless you’ve made some of it private. You can also access your messages from your profile and invite other people to join the Social ARTery.


Public means that content on the Social ARTery site can be accessed and viewed by other members of the site. You may not be able to contribute to something that’s public (e.g. a Group forum) unless you join the Group. Please be aware that some public content may also be accessible to people who are not members of the Social ARTery.

Safer spaces

Our Safer Spaces policy outlines our commitment to make the Social ARTery an inclusive and accessible space for communication and sharing.


Our Term and Conditions is a set of legal agreements between ourselves as a service provider (the website) and a person who wants to use that service (members). Members must agree to our Terms and Conditions before they can use the website.

Further support

If you require further information about our glossary please email You can also contact us through our social media channels; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

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Axis is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible space online for artists and the people they collaborate with.

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