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How do I upload artworks?

If you would like to add new media to your profile, firstly locate the ‘media’ tab on your profile navigation bar.

You can upload content by selecting ‘upload’. Select this option and you will be able to upload a range of content; albums, photos, videos or music. 

You can organise this content into albums. This can be done by selecting ‘options’ and then add an album. 

You can edit your content information by hovering over the image, video or music file and selecting ‘edit this media‘. This then allows you to edit the title, description and location of the media (e.g. if this is located in an album or on your profile wall). 

How do I post an update?

Option 1:

You can post an update (status) to your wall by clicking on your profile. Then select ‘activity’. At the top you will see a content box which indicates for you to add shareable content. This content can be copy, images, audio or video files.

The content box will have the auto fill copy ‘What’s new, [name]?’

You can add media to the post update by adding the paper clip icon. This allows you to attach files.

Once you have composed your update you can post it, to the ‘activity’ feed, by clicking ‘post update’. This post will then be visible wherever you have selected using the drop down list (e.g. My Profile) and the activity feed.

Option 2:

Another way you can post an update is by selecting ‘activity‘ on the main navigation bar. At the top of the page you will have the option to fill out out the same content box. This text box allows you to add sharable content.

Further Support

If you are still struggling to upload content to your wall please email You can also contact us through our social media channels; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

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