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Connecting with other members is at the very heart of the Social ARTery. Making connections enables you to collaborate and share ideas quickly and effectively.

How do I follow a member?

To follow a new member on Axis go to the ‘Members’ tab on the left hand side navigation bar. Here you will see all the members that are on Axis. You can browse through the list until you find a member that you wish to follow. 

Once you have found the member you would like to follow you can click on the plus icon. This will then go from a plus sign to a tick. This tick confirms that you are now following this member. Their activity on Axis will now appear on your social wall. 

How do I add someone as a friend?

You can browse through other members by visiting the Members tab on the left hand side navigation bar or you can search for Members in the search bar at the top of the page. 

If you see someone that you would like to friend simply click on the icon in the bottom left corner. The plus sign will turn into a tick. This will then send a notification to the recipient. Your request will be pending until the recipient accepts. Once they have accepted you will be able to see their activity feed and private message them. 

How do I private message a member?

You can only ‘private message’ someone if you are friends with them. To send them a private message you can do one of the following things:

  1. Go to their profile and click the three dots … under their profile picture and select ‘Private Message’. This brings up a new message box where you can type your message and send it.
  2. Another way is to click the envelope icon in the top right of your profile and click the + sign to create a new message. This brings up a new message box where you can search for the person you want to message, type your message and send it.

How do I post a public message?

A public message will appear on the activity feed of all your friends and followers. You can send a public message in the following ways:

  1. Go to the member’s profile page and click the three dots beneath their profile picture and select ‘@ public message’. 
  2. Go to the main Activity feed and in the ‘What’s new’ box at the top type your message and tag the person using an @ sign (as soon as you start typing their username their profile should appear).

Once you have composed the message you can click ‘Post update’. This will give the recipient of the message a notification. 

How do I start a Live Chat?

A ‘live chat’ resembles a real time chat. You can access this by selecting the Live Chat tab on the left hand side of the navigation bar. Here you will see any Chats associated with a Group you are a member of and can start a chat with other Group members or respond to an existing chat. You can also send private chats to your friends.

You can also access a Chat that’s associated with a Group you’re a part of by going to the Group page (if Live Chat has been enabled for the Group).

Further support

If you require further information on making connections please email You can also contact us through our social media channels; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

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