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What happens when I delete my account?

If you choose to delete your account, all the data and documents that you have saved within your account will be lost. Once deleted the account may not be restored.

If you wish to delete your account and keep your data, please ensure that you download or / and make copies of the content from your account first. 

How do I delete my account?

If you would like to delete or deactivate your account you need to locate your settings. If you go onto your profile you can access the settings option by clicking on the cog icon. 

You can also access your settings by hovering over your username on the top navigation bar. 

Once you are in your settings you can select between the categories; ‘general’, ‘email’, ‘profile visibility’, ‘export data’ and ‘delete account’.

Select ‘delete account’.

You will then be asked to confirm you understand the consequences of deleting your account by ticking the checkbox. 

Further support

If you are still struggling to delete your account please email You can also contact us through our social media channels; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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