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Axis: A little context

We’ve been thinking about what Axis does, about how we are positioned within the arts, about how we all fit in. 

We have two choices – try for a return to ‘normal’ or press the reset button and focus on what is really important.

We are pressing reset, and that’s scary, but therein lies the opportunity… 

Let us suppose there are no hierarchies, and artists are given the space to fill in the gaps, define the rules, perhaps then new solutions and approaches might occur that wouldn’t have previously.

Our role as caretakers will be to open up digital spaces to support an artist-led ecosystem. We believe everyone is responsible for caring for one another, by providing ethical, alternative digital spaces we can collectively build resilience in the face of disruption. 

So what does this mean?

Our process is based on the belief in the agency of artists to affect and influence what comes next. So, we are piloting the Social ARTery a collaborative networking platform for artists to share, connect and support each other.

The Social ARTery has the potential to be a hub that brings together artists, projects, communities, capturing and sharing learning, building stronger safer networks.

The space will be open, encourage diversity of influences and experiences to challenge and define, shape and develop. Instead of a return to competition for limited resources that inhibit artists, we explore the alternative, to be part of a larger body of evolving practice and learning.

We are Axis

Axis is an independent charity. Founded in 1991 to advance education by promoting and developing engagement, understanding and appreciation of artists in the UK.

We rely on donations and membership to fund our work.

Our approach is simple: invest in artists, campaigns and infrastructure to build a healthier artists-led sector.

Inclusivity and Respect

Axis is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible space online for artists and the people they collaborate with.

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