Welcome to Social ARTery

A Project by Axis

A BETA platform enabling artists to develop and share practice.

Collaboration starts here!

We created this platform to give artists a safe space to share, connect and support each other

Create or find your artist community

Set up a space just for your artist-led group, create a new group or connect with others.

We respect your privacy

As a charity you can trust us with your data. No third parties; no ads, no faceless corporations; you control your data.

Focused engagement

Social media is noisy, Emails get lost. Social ARTery is a niche art focused platform for you to engage and stay in control.

Connect and uncover new opportunities

Reach out, connect and share with other artists or artist-led groups.

Peer to peer

Social ARTery is designed by artists to capture and share knowledge.

Shape the future

Become involved and help us shape the development of a truly artist-led platform.

Exclusive artist commissions

Our Social ARTery programme will commission a number of artists to create and design the platform to share best practice, build resources and test alternative ways of working.

Inclusivity and Respect

Axis is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible space online for artists and the people they collaborate with.

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